I couldn’t be more thankful for the internet and the friendships and clients it has brought me. Like The O’Briens. I love seeing these kiddos year after year. I feel so honored that they trust me to photograph the milestones in their lives. Here are The O’Brien’s 2018.

You give birth to these precious little people and then they grow. And you forget. You forget about all that pealing skin on their ankles and how tiny their little bodies used to be. You forget until something jogs your memory and takes you right back. For me, it’s as simple as combing through my […]

Having a baby can mean so many changes for your household. There are often many new things required to care for a newborn and the thought of a photographer entering your space in those first few weeks can be overwhelming, I know. So here are a few tips for how to prepare: You’re space is […]

Family Portraits can be soulful. They can be magic.

Do you see this baby? She was born in Indianapolis but soon she’ll be moving to Switzerland. What do you do when you love a good lifestyle newborn session but you’re miles from home? You get creative. These beauties are living in temporary housing that wasn’t quite their style. They wanted images that refected them, […]

I get it guys, choosing the perfect location can be hard. You want your photos to be meaningful and beautiful but you’re also not sure what makes the perfect location. My clients often say they don’t care too much about where their photos are taken as long as they’re either; not too far from home […]

If you are anything like me, booking a photography session can be a little bit un-nerving. What do I wear? Which smile should I use? Will my children cooperate? I get it. These are all fair concerns. Here is my take: Don’t worry. Relax. I am here to help! I will position you, I will […]

“I want to remember.”  It’s not often that a Mama verbalizes exactly what I am thinking to her children as we are shooting. Jordan gets it. We Mamas want to remember. I want to remember you as you are. Now. I want to always see you’re sweet and loving spirit. I want to recall your […]

It’s so easy as a mom, wife…photographer, to second guess your decisions and wonder if you’re doing the right thing. I often feel that way. Henry’s session was an exception. I felt, as I was shooting and editing that I was making the right choices. That what I envisioned for this session was actually happening. […]

You’re breakin my heart… Gosh, I just love the joy that radiates from Mom’s face as she thinks about her family. It’s probably one of my favorite things to witness- a family that is so in love. Like. SOOO in love. No heartbreak here. Just joy from Jeff, Antoinette and Cecilia.  If you’re in the Indianapolis […]

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