Making It a Mission

Growing up, we moved a lot.  I’m not sure why because to my immature brain, each house seemed to fit our needs at the time. What I remember most is that each house felt like a new beginning. Each place was a chance to make the space our own. I find it interesting that of all the things I’ve forgotten about my childhood, I can still remember most of the houses we lived in and some of the life we lived in each place. That probably means they were significant, huh.

As an adult, my husband and I have bought and sold 6 houses before settling into our current home – our seventh house. What have I learned from all of this? 

Home isn’t just where you’re people are. 

You know the saying, Home is where your heart is. My family is my heart so it’s reasonable to assume, home is where your people are but it’s also where hope lives. Home is where dreams take root. Home is a feeling. Home is so much more then the physical walls that surround you, home is what you nurture inside those walls. I’ve lived in some really pretty houses and some pretty ugly houses and the same has remained true for each – those homes were places for my family, my faith and my dreams to grow and each one was important.

Making it a mission

As a Real Estate Broker, my job is to help you find or sell a home. But as an expert, my real job is to help guide you through the financially significant and emotionally stressful process of purchasing a home. I don’t take this lightly. I’ve personally benefited from the wisdom of Real Estate Brokers who worked through big decisions with me. It made a difference to have someone who could help us objectively weigh every possibility and I want to provide my clients the same value.

It’s my mission to help you make smart decisions as it relates to real estate and to find ways to earn your trust authentically. I want to grow lasting relationships by providing stellar customer service.

It’s my mission to partner with you in finding the right home that gives you all the right feels. 

I’m not looking to take you from a Broker you love, I’m looking to make you a client for life. If that sounds good to you, click here.

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