Why I Won’t Ask You to Look at the Camera | Indianapolis Family Photographer

If you are anything like me, booking a photography session can be a little bit un-nerving.

What do I wear? Which smile should I use? Will my children cooperate?

I get it. These are all fair concerns.

Here is my take: Don’t worry. Relax. I am here to help! I will position you, I will guide you and most importantly, I promise not to make you stare into my camera. I bet you’re wondering why….

Because I want you to have images of what your love LOOKS like. I want you to see how sweetly your partner adores you. I want you to remember that one-eyed popeye look that you’re kiddo makes at this moment in his life. All of that cannot happen if you’re staring at me. It only happens when you connecting with your people.

Will you receive images with everyone is looking at the camera- YES YOU WILL! Lots of them, I promise. You’ll also get lots and lots of images with kids giggling and snuggling into you. You’ll get images that will remind you what a sweetheart your four year old tough guy was. You’ll see your sweet six year old looking shy as she gets used to me. You’ll get real life.

carissa hawkins indianapolis photographer sunlight family love
carissa hawkins indianapolis photographer family smiling in a sun lit fieldcarissa hawkins indianapolis photographer family mom kissing child in suncarissa hawkins indianapolis photographer family in field with gold light

If this kinda of session sounds like your speed, click here. I’d love to document you’re family.

why I won't ask you to look at the camera | carissa hawkins Indianapolis family photographer

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